October 6, 2020


Well, sort of.

Like the new Rolling Stone article says, “Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford’s memoir, ‘Confess’ is filled with fascinating stories”.  I’m not sure ‘fascinating’ covers it but it’s educational and hysterical.

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Natasha Khan is known professionally as “Bat for Lashes”.  I’d love to know the origin of that name. Batting your eyelashes?  Who knows.

I’ve never heard of her or heard her music, five albums worth since 2006, but I came across this remake of a Carpenters classic over the weekend.

The song is 50 years old this year and we’ll be hearing a lot of tributes and references to “the 50th anniversary of” songs and albums this year and the next and the next…

Likely, I wouldn’t have listened to this even though I loved Karen’s voice. She was Adele before Adele was born.  The review of this song/vid was referred to as “stunning”.  It’s hard to disagree.

Yes, it’s okay to like Judas Priest AND the Carpenters.  Too bad Karen Carpenter and Rob Halford didn’t get a chance to duet on “Living After Midnight”.

We’ve Only Just Begun—Bat for Lashes

Love, Drake

October 2020

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