Can’t get enough Dante? Good News!

It’s surprising that a major literary figure dead for some seven centuries would have something new to release. On the other hand, I’ll just insert a Jimmy Hendrix reference here.

Biology Professor Explains What “Biological Sex” Really Means

On today's live show, March 18 if you're reading this on another day,  we touched on Elliot Page and the issue of tansgender. What happens on lot when this topic comes up among people is the idea that "Biological" sex is simple and binary. On the show I referenced and read a brief section of a biologist's explanation of why it's not really as simple as so many people who never studied biology after that one required class in high school would like to believe.

Endgame and the old Captain America question (SO MANY SPOILERS! Go watch Avengers: Endgame)

The appearance of an aged Captain America at the end of Avengers: Endgame raised a lot of questions. After re-watching recently, here's my theory on the whole thing.

The MCU Returns with the Wonderfully Freaky WandaVision (No Spoilers)

From the earliest teases about this show I knew it was going to be weird. It is. Delightfully so.

Change in Weird Times and the Zen of Minecraft

After almost a year of the crazy cranked up to 11, it’s easy to find yourself fraying at the edges. There are lots of ways to escape the crazy though, at least for long enough to re-center yourself.


As of this writing, Monday afternoon, we have snow falling at my house. It’s really more like white, fluffy rain. I’m perfectly okay with that.

What about a "New Year"

What’s there to say about a new year? Paradoxically, much and very little.

Adventures in Home Refurbishing

This weekend I was given the task of operating a backhoe. I took it, knowing that whatever the project requirements, my only goal was to not cause a disaster.

It Ain't Over Yet

I’m not bringing this up to bring you down if you’re happy with the results, or to bolster your spirits if you’re not. It’s just the generally paranoid lunatic inclined part of me looking for ways this election could go even more sideways. It ain't over yet.