MORE Progress Blog

Some places around town have houses going up like crazy and land being cleared and retention ponds being dug and concrete being poured.

Disaster Blog

Of course we’ve been talking about it a lot on air but it just breaks my heart to see all the devastation that Hurricane Ida caused down in New Orleans and Mississippi and then up on its destructive path to New York and New Jersey.

Things you Can't Unsee

When your dog or child does something bad or funny or weird, or someone does something crazy at a concert, you JUST don't easily forget it.

Stealth Plants

When you see a big weed in an otherwise "clean" flower bed, do you wonder how it got there?

Getting Together Right Now

It’s so nice to finally feel comfortable having company in the house overnight without masks!

Summer Camp

Enough about me. My son went to camp for 12 days and we picked him up today, as you may have heard or can hear about in today's After the Show Podcast.

Progress Blog

Anywhere Street, USA, before a neighborhood is built.


Last weekend, my son had a soccer tournament in Clarksville Tennessee. Apparently, it was prom weekend and there was also a baseball tournament going on.

Thank You Blog

My husband (Coach) volunteered to help a coworker fix a column on his porch. Apparently he had 4 boards "wrapped" around it to make it thicker and some of them rotted.

Roadkill (the really sad kind)

I think almost everybody I know has a pet whether it’s a cat or a dog or three of each like the zoo at the Hall compound. Anyway, our cat is a rescue who decided to have babies in the bushes at my late mother-in-law‘s old house.