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Thank You Blog

My husband (Coach) volunteered to help a coworker fix a column on his porch. Apparently he had 4 boards “wrapped” around it to make it thicker and some of them rotted.

Roadkill (the really sad kind)

I think almost everybody I know has a pet whether it’s a cat or a dog or three of each like the zoo at the Hall compound. Anyway, our cat is a rescue who decided to have babies in the bushes at my late mother-in-law‘s old house.

Right Place, Right Time

It’s kind of funny that people say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure but it couldn’t be more true than on my daily exercise walk last week. Maybe my dog was a good luck charm; I don’t know.

Wouldn’t You Know

Don’t you just love it when you’re starting something, anything, for the first time. Like yesterday, when for the first time, Drake Hall Memphis Radio premiered on 87.7 FM.

I Hate When I do That

It was a beautiful sunny day so I was sitting on the front porch for about an hour playing with the cat and I think eating my lunch. Up the street that tees into ours, people were arriving at someone’s house for some kind of party.

Stop Your Whining

About 2 1/2 years ago we moved, partially due to construction that was about to happen across the street nearby. We didn’t want to see the lights and all that comes with new . . .

The Wall

I’ve never cared for completely empty walls in the house, especially if it’s a big wall. Fortunately, neither does my husband. He wasn’t always that way but then, he didn’t even have a TV when I met him.